Sony Xperia Z: Camera tips and tricks

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The Xperia Z is one of the best phones around, but there are a couple of ways you can get a little more out of its camera. From picture taking to post processing, check out our video and head over to for more.

19 Comments on Sony Xperia Z: Camera tips and tricks

  1. i could not find any focus mode in my camera setting. (xperia z). and also i've tried to find those settings that you used to shoot the 'red ring' (i don't remember at which minute) can you help me?

  2. Some good tips there but I would stay away from this phone if you need a good camera. After 6 months I can safely say the camera is poor quality (check dpreview they are correct) – The iPhone 5 & 5S and Galaxy Note 2 & 3 and S3 & S4 and Nexus 5 cameras are all better with default settings. My photos come out terrible especially in low light, they lack quality. Sony failed a bit with this phone, as we know they tend to experiment on new things and Smartphones was one of them. Terrible battery life, connectivity problems (HSPDA, WiFi, Bluetooth) – even with updated firmware, the waterproofing is cool but annoying to have to lift the flaps every micro-usb or headphone jack insertion. Stay away from this phone if I were you. Even my lost Note 2 kicked it's ass hands down.

  3. I hope sony focuses on their cameras on phones. They have to bring cybershot, alpha nex experts for the software. They make the best dslrs and dslts in my opinion and the best optical image stab. (steadyshot)

  4. I really like that there is a known site that does take some time to focus on Sony smartphones and their software. Sony may not be the creme-del-a-creme of today's smartphones, and that does not mean that they shouldn't get some attention. Well done.

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