Sony Xperia Z – 13MP Camera & Full 1080HD Video

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Quick guide on the Xperia Z and my other camera’s. It’s quite difficult to find some negative points on the camera. It’s simply amazing to have a 13MP on your smartphone. The only downside for me personaly is that I miss the feel of a camera with a lens and some more manual modes, like shutterspeed, aperture,… The camera is perfectly suitable for my daily life and events. It would be perfectly suitable for a poolparty where you have some fun with friends and have a dive in the pool all together.

Track ID: Klingande – Jubel

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  1. Track is in the description 😉 "Klingande – Jubel (Original Mix)" to be honest this is the best phone I've ever used! a lot of people keep telling me its HUUUGEE! but you really get used to it, the only downside is the batterylife, but that's what you get with all those big phones like the Iphone, Samsung Galaxy,… for me the 2 most possitive points of this phone are the underwater-posibilities and the amazing camera!

  2. Hah thats quit a specific question you have 😉 To be honest I never tried it, the thing is 2:00min of filming takes 256mb in 1080 Full HD, you can do the math if you want to ;)! About the battery I can not really help… it's not a very usual test :p maybe you can find some information on their website about batterylife while playing games, should be quit similar…

  3. Not sure if there is an app for that, maybe there is one… otherwise check this video on youtube 😉 Its quite similar to what I did "USC Ski & Snowboard Tutorial – Freeze Frame Sequence"

  4. Hi, sorry for the late response, well its quit easy to do, all you need is some video-editing software (in my case Adobe after effects) The thing you need to do is you take pictures in burst mode, then you add the first picture (just background) then you add the pictures layer by layer and do a rough cut-out around every picture with an interval of the guy jumping and put them after each other…not sure if I made myself clear?! 😀

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