Sony Xperia XP vs X vs XA Hands-On Review

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The Xperia XP (Performance), X and XA are Sony’s 2016 smartphone line-up. The X Performance is the flagship featuring a 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 820, 3GB of RAM and a 23MP rear camera as well as water and dust resistance. The mid-tier Xperia X has a similar spec but uses a Snapdragon 650 and loses the IP ratings. The entry-level XA doesn’t look great on paper, but has a much sleeker and more modern design.

All three phones will be available later in the Summer with prices still to be confirmed.

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22 Comments on Sony Xperia XP vs X vs XA Hands-On Review

  1. honestly, I don't know why no reviewer has mentioned this about dual sim sony phones. it has dedicated dual sim slots and a dedicated micro SD slot. no other manufacturer is doing both of those today. this is a great feature for dual sim users or people who travel a lot for work. Tech chap please take note!

  2. after owning most handsets out there when got to sony…thats something else! thanks sony for not filling my phone with all kinds of crap and such a great, great battery life!

  3. if they had some improved specs like water proofing and a better chip-set and camera on the Xa ..I would definitely buy it..
    But anyhow its the sexiest of the three Xs

  4. Thank u, although I couldn't totally understand, what u saying, sorry that i ask, did u had to take pee, but if og could u talk more faster, the most subscribers to yours channel could save a lot of time.

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