Sony Xperia XA vs Z5 – MWC 2016

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We compare the Sony Xperia XA with the Xperia Z5 at MWC 2016. While the Z series has come to represent waterproofing and front-firing speakers, the X series seems to represent sleek design and more affordable internals. The XA for example packs a 720p edge to edge display, MediaTek processor and a 13-megapixel rear camera. This is by contrast to a bezel-rich Full HD screen on the Z5, a Snapdragon 810 and 23-megapixels of camera power.

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  1. The weather widget was way batter on the older UI,for the XA they putted the same stupid shity simple cloud and sun 5 years old child drawing style representation….hey Sony,get your shit togeter, do not break the cool stuff that you had just to be like others ..(Samsung,HTC…).

  2. i really think the XA is better looking than the X and XP . the second microphone from the 2 Flagships is anoying . i think the XA has more clean layout and feels more premium (also Edge to Edge Display looks great). only downside is lack of power and no 1080P screen.

  3. I can't help but I do falling in love with this series release.. hopefully I'll get one of this for my future smartphone.. currently been using xperia E4 dual, quite handy but for me it's quite hard to handle (e.g typing, scrolling, single handed use).. I don't know if the phone itself is too big for my hand or either it's my own hand that not big enough for the phone.. I hope this one would match my need.. and I hope the price would affordable for my pocket.. ;)

  4. I think Sony is using the X series as a prototype the get confirmations on what they are planning for de Z6 is what everybody are waiting for. Like aluminium to replace the glas rear of the phone, the edge to edge screen, the new auto focus camera mode,… So in september they hope to make once for all a great come back… or Sony will have to sell the mobile division!!!!!!

  5. other will complain again with the top and bottom bezel but look at it side by side with z5 its nearly same size plus the edge to edge side screen. It really needs the top and bottom bezel because its purpose is to hold the whole panel and because the sides have a weaker hold to the frame

  6. Another shitty step forwarbackward from Sony, the SD 820 and no stereo speakers like the Z range. Great, Sony knows people want to go backwards!!!

  7. the xa is so pretty. i guess it was designed to compete with the one plus x. the other x phones sorta confuse me. will we no longer get z phones?

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