Sony Xperia XA Hands-On Review

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The Xperia XA is Sony’s entry-level 2016 smartphone. On paper, the 5-inch 720p display, 13MP camera, MediaTek processor & 2GB of RAM may not be the most advanced. But the XA’s thin, lightweight and comfortable design makes it feel great in the hand and look stylish thanks to almost edge bezels. It may be a budget phone, but it’s better looking than the Xperia X and XP.

The Xperia XA is due out in Summer 2016 but prices are still TBC. If you enjoy my videos, please like & subscribe 🙂

41 Comments on Sony Xperia XA Hands-On Review

  1. for 240 pounds that is worth it the design is awesome thr only wish would be 1080p screen but I have z3 compact and 720 is mad so im defo buying

  2. Sony doesn't know marketing, they came with a new attractive design in midrange phone, it could've better if they launche Xperia z6 with that design as a flagship model it can do business.

  3. Got NO problem with the plastic chassis, it's going in a case or bumper anyway , it keeps the price down for people who want to buy sim free and get a good sim only contract instead of the premium phones where the phone maybe free or cheap but the contract monthly payments are high… its Sony it looks great and the price is right.. it will sell very well indeed…

  4. Xperia xA !! Looks just amazing , even though it's a midrange phone , I think is more than what u need for a regular daily use , !! Been waiting for it for months and I want it now !! Can't wait !

  5. releasing date: 10 june
    Xperia X (Black) – £549.99
    Xperia X (Rose Gold) – £549.99

    Xperia XA (Black) – £279.99
    Xperia XA (Lime Gold) – £279.99
    Xperia XA (White) – £279.99

  6. Hi. br. i was buying to plan sony mobile. can you give me a opinion. which is best mobile compare to
    SONY M4 AQUA DUAL, M5 DUAL, SONY XA ,…. pls give which is best?

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