Sony Xperia XA hands-on – MWC 2016

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We get our hands on the Sony Xperia XA at MWC 2015. Bringing edge-to-edge realness to the mainstream, the XA pairs premium premium design with a tapered spec-sheet, suggesting it will come in at a relatively affordable price. Packing a MediaTek P10 processor, 2GB RAM and a deceptively good looking 720p screen, this might not be one for power-house gamers, but instead, a great choice for the fashion conscious.

20 Comments on Sony Xperia XA hands-on – MWC 2016

  1. Is speaker louder when there is no water proof? Are the both cameras have acceptable quality? Does this phone easy to get hot? How fast is a battery charging? Can the battery last for one day? Can we use this phone with OTG? Hope to see these answers in the review soon. LOVE its design.

  2. I'm using sony xperia tipo since more than 3 years and I rape my phone every day but its battery survives even after that.I think in battery department they are as good as Nokia..

  3. For you to compare the X range.

    Xperia X Performance:
    Snapdragon 820, 3gb ram, 1080 5" screen, 2700mah battery, all metal (and brushed), 23mp camera (13mp selfie), front facing speakers, waterproof

    Xperia X:
    Snapdragon 650, 3gb ram, 1080 5" screen, 2620mah battery, all metal (not brushed), 23mp camera (13mp selfie), front facing speakers, not waterproof

    Xperia XA:
    MediaTek MT6755, 2gb ram, 720 5" screen, 2300mah battery, metal frame (?) plastic back, 13mp camera (8mp selfie), no front-facing speakers, not waterproof

    For reference:
    X Performance rivals Z5 and Z5 Compact
    X rivals Z5 Compact and M5
    XA is basically a small C5 Ultra/C4

    I guess this is ok from Sony, gives options in the high/mid-range market. We finally get all metal bodies whilst being waterproof and they are a nice size.

    Just give us an all metal Z6 compact with a 1080 screen and those sexy slim side bezels from the XA and the C5 Ultra/C4, reducing the top bezels would also be nice.

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