Sony Xperia XA and Xperia XA Ultra Hands On First Look – iGyaan

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We take a quick look at the Sony Xperia XA and XA Ultra !
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34 Comments on Sony Xperia XA and Xperia XA Ultra Hands On First Look – iGyaan

  1. Only a SONY fangirl would buy this overpriced crap. Nowadays its better to buy a phone under 10K because soon a phone worth 20K goes down to a price under 13K within 10 months. Recently I purchase a Zenfone 2 for my mother at 8K with 1080P. Yeah the phone was launched last year yet still the phone works nicely, only problem being the battery issue. My brother and cousin still suffering because of the money they spent on iPhone & Xperia.

  2. you are always in hurry. Explain slowly. you were impatient in explaining sim card trays. Nobody understands properly. You know only one word
    "Fantastic". Use this word only when a thing is exceptional. There are ways in attributing a item by words good, very good, average, not so good etc., so that viewers understand the quality to some extend. Be stingy in using the word "Fantastic"

  3. Hey Bharat… I was wondering why having only up to 4-finger multi touch is a let down for you? I mean I totally understand that we should be getting the standard 10-finger multi touch for the price these phones are going to be sold at, but do you ever use more than 4 fingers at once while using a phone? I'm just curious!

  4. It drives me absolutely nuts that sony still keeps ignoring the market and stays blind to what is available for the same price range. why the f*** will i buy this phone if i can buy one plus two and moto style for similar price. And i have previously owned 3 xperia devices and have been hoping for a good one for a long time. I don't think i will ever buy a sony phone again

  5. Too overpriced, please have an in-depth review of the camera and the sound quality (even on headphones) to know if they are actually any good, as Sony is well known for good camera and sound quality.

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