Sony Xperia X + Xperia X Performance hands-on

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Here’s a look at the first 2 of the first “X” series smartphones, the Xperia X and Xperia X Performance from MWC 2016.

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27 Comments on Sony Xperia X + Xperia X Performance hands-on

  1. my god the phone still has lag when opening the camera app and when saving a photo just taken, just get the s7 people and it has nothing to do with hardware the moto g has a snapdragon 410 and its camera app is really quick, don't get me wrong sony phones take good photos but they need to optimise it so it launches quicker and make the gallery app lighter.

  2. I love Sony Xperia phones but I feel their line up of phones is getting a little confusing. I'm guessing the X range falls somewhere between their Z flagships and their mid-range offerings (M4 Aqua, M5)? The Xperia X Performance sounds great but also very similar to the Z5's specs – I hope it won't affect sales of the Z5 too much.

  3. quite nice phone water resistant as well for the plus version. I bet the 820 is nice with that stock looking Android. Samsung won't come with the 820 in the UK which absolutely does my head in. so this is a good alternative!

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