Sony Xperia X & X Performance hands-on: is there still hope?

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CORRECTION: Xperia X Performance is water resistant!

We’ll be honest: we were just as surprised to see Sony announce these, and we’re asking ourselves the same question: where does Sony position them?

There are three phones in the line-up (only two present in Barcelona), and the highest end among the three is, on paper, higher-end than the Xperia Z5 Premium, if you disregard the lack of water resistance and the 4K screen (you’ll never use),

We go hands-on with the Xperia X and the Xperia X Performance, as we wonder what Xperia Z5 owners currently feel.


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30 Comments on Sony Xperia X & X Performance hands-on: is there still hope?

  1. the thing is the xperia x performance just has a snapdragon 820 and the x has a 650 so your paying a ridiculous EXTRA amount for something that you don't think about when using a phone. same camera same screen :differences are just waterproofing, less battery by just 380 M/Ah and q 'better' processor chip. if u want something cheap but slim sleek and beautiful check out the lower end the xperia x no to flashy but I think it's just right.

  2. Is the X performance significantly bigger in the hand than a Z3 compact? Not feeling the trend of massive giant phones. I like to text with one hand and for the phone to be comfortable in a pocket.. Also is battery comparable to the Z3/5 compacts? Those had sick battery life!

  3. how you know it is a premium xperia phone?

    1 it supports fast charging but doesn't comes with a fast charger!

    2 there is a audio jack!!! but somehow you don't get earphones in the box. (even fake Chinese phone don't save money on that.)

    3 it can shoot 4k!!!!
    till device gets hot & the camera force stops.

    4 you get stereo speakers but the sound quality?

    5 you can get a better device at same or even less price.

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