Sony Xperia X vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 | In-depth Comparison

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This is a detailed comparison between the Sony Xperia X and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

00:35 Design & Build
02:03 Display
02:48 Sound
04:26 Performance
05:50 Battery
06:44 Software
07:32 Camera

09:01 Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review:

Sony Xperia X Review:

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24 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 | In-depth Comparison

  1. In my country, the X costs about 550 € whereas the S7 costs 700 €, so the difference could be the deal breaker 😀 but I imagine the X Performance will costs about the same as S7 when it comes out, so lets hope it will live up to it (I think it will considering how well the X is doing against the flagships).
    good review mate :D

  2. Today the performance is not the issue. Its more things like design and display. Both have very good displays.
    Sony has the best LC Display from any Androids. Have you seen the G5s display ? It is not as good as the G4s.
    And the display from HTC 10 is not bright like the sony.

  3. Hard to recommend the Sony. With Samsung fixating on numbers, the s7 price has fallen to mid-tier prices. Bad for consumers who paid full price but now in the UK the S7 is over $250 lower than at release (new), even carriers are knocking $180 off and doubling data. Many things I don't like with the s7 but at that price it is difficult to be too critical. I would wait another couple of months as the price should be closer to 50% off. I would not buy due to glass rear, easy to crack or scratch, no USB-C, TW is still a resource hog and a big turn off, late updates, in 2016 that sucks, bloatware is a crime when you are paying so much, speaker is a main feature and it is below average, no separate SD card slot, photos are over processes and not realistic, etc. If the G5 had a non removable battery and no module gimmick it would be the best 2016 phone to date, though I would still prefer the G5 as it is more durable.

  4. Tbh you are hard at understanding what u saying bc ur english id not good.. I knoe it is bc ur first langusge is not english… And are u even seriosly? Samsung galaxy s7/edge have the best displays u can find in a smartphone till now… I agree that sony xperia x has a great display but it can never be compared to s7/edge ones… If u think s7/edge displays arent natural.. U can adjust it eith choosing some screen modes in sertings…. '-' …. About performance… S7/edge it is king of android…. It is way faster than sony xperia x …. Lags in s7/edge… U seriosly..There is no lagg fre phone… And it will never be.. Even iphones lagg… Every phone does… But u should know that sony x just got released…And the s7 have some months….. Soo…. Xperia phones are known for not really good camera quality… And they lagg at shooting photos or changing options in camera..Overall s7 is alot beetter than sony xperia x U just cant stand it…sony fann… '-' (from an iphone user)??

  5. Nice comparison, had high hopes for Sony.. I thought they fixed sound… Especially 3.5mm sound, on my z2 2014 it was awful, not just that but some other things too, so in that time i changed to M8… i am now using P8Lite, and really nice phone for the price, better sound 2x then z2 in 3.5 mm and better speaker volume… No overheating… And in august im planinng on new phone, im thinking about Mate 8 – htc 10 – p9… So hard choice a lot of good phones xD Thanks for uploads and comparisons, youre the best Damir ;)

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