Sony Xperia X vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Gameplay Comparison!

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Fair & Balanced Android Gameplay Review between Sony Xperia X & Samsung Galaxy S7!
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33 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Gameplay Comparison!

  1. You can find an App on the S7 which is called "Game Tuner", when the App isnt Installed on the S7 it will run every game in Eco-Mode.

    🙂 I had the same problem.

    Search "Game Tuner" in the Play Store!

  2. Cheap chinese Meizu user here… Sony got smoother gameplay BUT! , Samsung graphich is much more detailed (more use of Graphich processor) much more people on the screen(much more use of CPU) so it good for making the peoples flame, but this is a really bad comparison!

  3. Samsung did a shitty job with blaotware… while playing games at least 3 applications are running in the background to make the game "Smoother" which it obviously doesnt. After disabling them all games run smooth including the ones showed here. Samsung really shot themselves with all the bloatware

  4. Samsung Fanboys can't handle to know that their S7 is being beaten up by Xperia X. Yes, the Xperia X is using lower settings on the Assassin's Creed but how do you explain the GTA one then? He even shown the settings before he played it

  5. Not even a fair comparison for Assassin's Creed , Xperia X has lower quality Shadows alone , S7 had real shadows for everyone of the NPC's , and seemingly sharper textures too , also rendering it at 2k Resolution instead of the 1080p on the Xperia X , thus the lag..

  6. I guess S7 was lagging while playing Assasins Creed because of the higher Graphics details. You can see the difference in Shadow levels in the game between the two phones.

  7. The graphics setting are clearly set to a higher quality on the samsung when playing assassin's creed… explains why it's laggy LOL. just look at the shadows and graphics closely . the samsung has actual shadows unlike the x which just has a small circle shadows underneath the characters… obviously it'll be laggier on the samsung wtf.. how can you compare these two phones when your're making the samsung run on high graphics and the x run on low graphics…

  8. I've the Xperia Z5 and it's very smooth for all high graphic games I tried such as
    assassin creed identity + Gangstar vegas + Asphalt 8 + Nova 3 + Modern Combat 5 …
    even better than my old LG G4 especially after latest sony firmware update .

  9. The Xperia X runs on a lower setting compared to the S7.The Galaxy S7 has a lot of more people in the game and far sharper textures too. I feel the Galaxy S7 wants to render too many things.

  10. that house 7:40 belongs to other dimension HAHAHAHHA and people dare to say that Exynos is better than snapdragon ? lol just look at those weird glitches in graphics 😀 it's definitely better when it comes to glitches ….

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