Sony Xperia X vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Full Review (4K)

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Full Review and Camera comparison of Sony Xperia X and S7 Edge!

The X is slightly cheaper than the S7 Edge on Amazon!

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38 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Full Review (4K)

  1. You do loads of tests to different phones have you ever come across a Samsung with a screen problem, I've got a two month old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in perfect condition, no cracked screen nothing wrong with it apart from the screens gone completley blank, can't do anything with it at all.

  2. iam with z1 about 3 years working like a hours with new battery but become little boring ,samsung camera still have wrong color mey go for lumia 950 for fun for 250 pounds.

  3. (at leasr for me)
    Aluminum vs glass : aluminum
    Ipslcd vs superamoled : ipslcd
    Xperiaui vs touchwize:xperia ui
    13mp vs 5 mp front camera :13mp
    Natrual rear camera vs oversaturated :natural(sony)
    Fingerpringt in perfect palce vs fingerpringt in ok place : fingerpringt in perfect palce (sony)
    Front-facing speaker vs botton speaker : front facing speaker
    camera bottom vs not : camera bottom
    Longer battery life vs less: absolutely longer(xperia x)
    Xperia x is better than s7 in 9 pts while s7 is just little bit faster and water resistance and has heart rat sensor
    3pts for s7 and 9pts for xperia x

  4. I personally think that both of them are very awesome.
    I would prefer the Sony Xperia X because of the Sony Playstation 4 connectivity.
    you can stream your Sony Playstation 4 on your Phone how awesome is that 😀 and besides I like the edgy design a little bit more. But in terms of other specs very similar

  5. The s7 isn't waterproof? Maybe it's user error and marmite is stuck inside the speaker filter? The way you describe things you sound like a sony apologist

  6. Tech Trinkets, Sony will always be better only when compared to its previous devices. The problems still remain. NOTHING meaningful has changed in sony mobile land. Noise party camera in BOTH day and night, Overpriced, inferior spec and features, laughable release dates, etc. X so called "performance" won't change a thing for obvious reasons. Please answer this question: why would anyone be a sony mobile fan? The remaining few sony mobile fans are blind to see or led by nostalgia or get a device for free from kaz hirai. There is no other explanation of why anyone would by a sony mobile device.

  7. nice review… but why you say that the s7 isn't waterproof… i have the s7 edge… i put it in water a lot of times without any issues… maybe if you put yours under water exceeding the 1.5m limit maybe that problems could appear.. the box and the ip68 certification explained clearly… there's limits on that feature… I got mine in pool and shower and I haven't any problems. please stop making bad publicity. both are excellent phones and the s7 is really waterproof if you respect the limits above the ip68 certification. hugs men.

  8. +Tech Trinkets Just a tip: When using Xperia in low light with Superior Auto Mode, it's better to use 8MP because Sony uses supersampling software like what the Lumia 1020 do. 23MP is only beneficial for daylight and good lighting shots. Personally, I prefer the Xperia X mainly because of more realistic colors. Example is at 6:27 where the Xperia X isn't too yellowish while the S7 Edge is

  9. I was puzzled when I saw the price of the Sony. I can only imagine what the price will be for the flagship. The software looks good and performance is very fast on the X, but it still looks like a brick and design looks a bit outdated imo.

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