Sony Xperia X vs iPhone SE – Full Review (4K)

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Apple resurrected my iPhone SE to compare with Xperia X

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29 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs iPhone SE – Full Review (4K)

  1. I wouldn't pick either phone here, but I'd sooner pick most Android phones over anything from Sony. But if I had no other Choices, I'd pick the iPhone all day long. Though I really wish this reviewer would shut up about the bloody customisation of Android, I've nothing against Android but customisation alone isn't enough got me. If he bothered to do his research on the 6s he'd know that the 6s and 6s Plus have 5MP selfie cameras. He's pretty ignorant when it comes to Apple and he doesn't even try to hide his Android bias.poor review in my opinion.

  2. you earlier mentioned a drinking game. To spice up the rules;
    1 drink if something is "nice" and 2 drinks if something is "very nice"
    and mega 3 drinks if its a combo "which is very nice".

  3. Only beacuse you did some " freezing test or whatever doesnt me that iphone se is waterproof… If it would have waterproof.certifications dont u think apple would peoudly annouce that? :/ … Maybe it might be a well built phone but its not water proof …. Anyway good job

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