Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

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Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S Speed Test Comparison!
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49 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. It's really unbelievable, I never think Xperia X will beat the 6S (It's not X Performance but just X!!!) But the reviewer seems really hard to admit that Xperia X IS faster than 6S. Those websites are clearly opened faster on Xperia X. The loading bar on chrome is always been like that actually, even the loading bar isn't completed yet but the page is fully served and ready. I know it because I use Chrome most of the time

  2. 7:58 IOS uses screenshot like thing in multitasking,they won't be in the RAM but,in short time they will be loaded…it's a can see that in instagram too…and everyone thinks they are actually in RAM..of you have an iphone,you can notice that too by opening many apps and going back to the one's you opened at the beginning ,much of them won't work right after you will just see a screenshot.after some time,they will refresh

  3. X has only flagship price but with Snapdragon 652 (or 650, whatever) shouln't be comparised with real premium devices, I think… Wait for Performance version ;D

  4. not just chip. ram kernel and WiFi antenna
    X may have better WiFi antenna lol

    you also do realise on and9ypu can access developer settings and get rid of window transitions or lengthen them…

    so in other words you can make any phone faster than an iPhone to some degree

  5. Interesting comparison video for a phone that i suppose all of us have been looking forward to apart from the OnePlus 3. The performance and OS seem more refined than previous Sony phones but i'm interested how's the speaker compared to an iPhone 6S or the Xperia M5 or Z5? GPS lock? No sign of purple fringing in low-light photos and noise or grain when zoomed-in? And i know it's not advertised but have you tried dipping it in the sink or used it in the rain?

  6. i have a ps1 ps2 ps3 and ps4 and i hate sony phones i have an apple mac a i mac a ipad a i phone i pod and i think sony should stick to making the best consols and apple should stick to making the best phons and computers

  7. Sony xperia z series were always really fast compared to other android. For example, my old Z2 is a million times faster and smoother than the Galaxy S6. But Sony phones have really crappy camera, while the lens is good the pictures taken are so crappy, my keyboard samsung phone from 500 years ago shoot better photos. Now I am using 6s Plus, all I can say is, android fans go suck cocks, you are all faggots.

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