Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S – Review & Camera Test! (4K)

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Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S Camera Test Detailed with samples (outdoors and low light shots), video test and full comparison review. Which one you should buy? Which is better?

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40 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S – Review & Camera Test! (4K)

  1. Xperia looks terrible,no contrast, clarity, vibrance… just garbage. Although you've said, that xperia has better focus, I've seen 2 oh the photos out of focus. Xperia also overexposes…

  2. People who buy an iPhone just because they want an apple product in their life? Very subjective, just don't make it sound like everyone is the same.

    I've used Sony phones in the past, I've always enjoyed them but the major letdown was the camera – you will realize after zooming in photos the colors are washed out, and the photos aren't sharp.

    While iPhone and Samsung phones use Sony cameras in them, yet they perform a lot better. It's something I don't understand from Sony. I've always hoped the newer Sony phones would improve this but they keep having the same outcome.

    I hope the Xperia X will prove me wrong this time.

  3. Im a big android fan, using the galaxy s6 myself and i still cant deny that when it comes to taking photo the iphone 6s wins hands down. i bought the iphone 6s for my wife and whenever i take pictures with it im just amazed. Yes my galaxy s6 has a beast of a camera and imo records better videos than the 6s but not better in taking pictures. so imo i think the 6s wins against the xperia x when it comes to photos

  4. Make a review of the entire system apps,like the messaging app,call app etc etcI'd love to see the UI of each system app please….And make as soon as possible

  5. I don't think the 6s has a better camera. In fact, they are actually close as far as quality goes. Only difference is that the 6s is warmer, while the Xperia X is cooler so I guess it would end up on preferences. The only issue with the Xperia X is that sometimes it's out of focus like the flower vase, but I think it can be solved by a software update. Not being biased or fanboy, but I think the Xperia X produced a little better low light images especially the doll on the spring. The 6s made it a bit washed out while it's bright and colorful on the Xperia X

  6. could you make a video where u show all the Colors of the LED Notification form the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, i have a s7 edge and it seems like my led is broken, it would be very nice when you make a video about it, my white led looks like pink and my purple led is literally blue, i watched so many videos of the s7 edge and no one shows the white led

  7. sony always lags behind only for the camera section..z series is the xmple and they didn't able to make a change in x series.. its rly sad 🙁
    loved the phn design,performance,battery but hated the cameraaa

  8. i love your all vids and you are really handsome… but can anyone tell me that which is better for running heavy games samsung galaxy s6 or oppo f1 plus???

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