Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 – Speed Test! (4K)

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Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 Speed Test Comparison! Some shocking results!
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33 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. The 1080p screen on the Xperia X actually looks better than the qHD on the HTC, and I'm an HTC fanboy. Shocking stuff. My last HTC device was the One M8, and it's been Sony since. Why? They don't lag behind in any department.

  2. wow the x is out performing the htc 10 which has snapdragon 820 and its not even the x performance, imagine how fast the the x performance will be then with its snapdragon 820

  3. when doing comparison, u should use a clean phone and stick to same condition such as battery…original theme…etc

    what are u even doing this video?

  4. a lot more apps on the htc 10, you can see the notifications showing up on it which also drains the RAMs, lower battery level on the htc 10, no sim card on the xperia means no cellular running
    very very bias comparison

  5. Well HTC is just a piece of shit The funniest company in the world?? Perfect 10? Maybe they should give up~To me I will pick Xperia X of course HTC what a poor company Even it's a brand of my country I will never buy it too

  6. Really unfair test, HTC 10 wasn"t on custom theme? when you opened camera app at 4:53 Xperia one was on photo mode and HTC 10 on video mode, doesn't it take more time to open on video mode? Temple Run and Subway Surf wasn't the same version.

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