Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 – Review & Camera Test! (4K)

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Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 Camera Test ( including samples outdoor and lowlight) and full comparison. Which one you should buy?
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28 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 – Review & Camera Test! (4K)

  1. Everyone knows that htc devices do not become slow over time. that only happens to Samsung phones. Watch the video of the One M8 running marshmallow vs the IPhone 6s plus. The htc One M8 is faster! And it's 2 years older than the iPhone. Stop spreading false accusations you clown!

  2. XEETECHCARE lol you like over saturated colors from HTC 10 camera-not a problem it's just a preference but Xperia is actually closer to reality when it comes to color reproduction right ?

  3. The photos on the Xperia X are like washed out. Not really happy with the camera performance, should do a lot better for a 23mp camera with this special "hybrid" autofocus. Sounds like horseshit to me

  4. The lag and over heating you're getting on the 10 is surprising, maybe you have a defect? mine doesn't heat up at all and I often use it while charging. Also, it seems like you have a pre- release HTC, which might explain the performance and heating issues?

  5. heat is also my concern on htc coz samsung has to use liquid cooling on s7 with the same SoC. Btw xperia x is expected to have lower temp due to the use of lower tier SoC, u should compare htc10 with xperia x performance.

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