Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 comparison

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It’s HTC 10 vs Sony Xperia X hands-on comparison time – a test of metal, dual speakers and Android 6.0.1. While the HTC 10 is our gaming champion with its adoptable storage and our sound champ thanks to its speaker set-up and HiRes audio support and headphones, the Xperia X is all about those pixels. 23-megapixels at the back, 13-megapixels at the front, here is a phone that should, if all things have gone to plan for Sony, get you a lot of detail in no time flat. As for how that imaging oomph with its Phase Detection Hybrid Autofocus actually marry, you’ll have to await our full review but in the meantime, enjoy our comparison, like this video if you did and if subscribe to the channel for more.

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22 Comments on Sony Xperia X vs HTC 10 comparison

  1. Great comparison video for a phone that i suppose all of us have been looking forward to apart from the OnePlus 3. The performance and OS seem more refined than previous Sony phones but i'm interested how's the speaker compared to an iPhone 6S or the Xperia M5 or Z5? GPS lock? No sign of purple fringing in low-light photos and noise or grain when zoomed-in? And i know it's not advertised but have you tried dipping it in the sink or used it in the rain?

  2. Walked into our local phone shop with the intention of getting the new HTC 10 and walked out with the HTC ONE M8 ,money wasn't an issue just saw the M8 sitting there and remembered what an awesome phone it was overall . After having messed around with both of them I just really didn't feel like paying considerably more for the HTC 10 .I don't play games on my phones ,so the M8 even after 2 years was the phone to get .Why am I telling you guys fix ,well no particular reason just wanted to share this little story with you .Have a great day people and Btekt keep up the good work ,love your channel.

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