Sony Xperia X Smartphone Review #SonyXperiaX

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Sony Xperia X Smartphone Review

Product Supplied by Vodafone UK

#Sony #SonyXperiaX #XperiaX #smartphone #android

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16 Comments on Sony Xperia X Smartphone Review #SonyXperiaX

  1. Totally overpriced. Plastic frame. No waterproofing. No wireless charging. No 4k recording. No USB Type C. Overheating issues. No high end specs. Rediculous. Sorry, but this Phone is a colossal cheek.

  2. nice review sir! and i must say that you are one of the few who really enjoyed the camera so far.. others tend to bash it pretty harshly..
    that begs the question:
    in what resolution did you use the camera? it's default one at 8mp? or it's full 23mp?
    and did you view the photos only on the smartphone or did you go to the computer to check their quality?

  3. woohoo nice review, nice product, cant decide between this and the x performance, i dont know if waterpoofing is that big a deal, too bad no usb-c yet, snapdragon 650 means better battery life and i dont play many games on the phone anymore, no 4k sucks and very expensive

  4. such a shame they stopped the Z range, I don't personally believe that Z3, Z3+ or Z5 owners will go for this as it doesn't seem as premium and has leas features in some respects. great vid as always Dave mate

  5. very nice detailed review

    I like the camera and screen
    just hope the processor can stay strong for future updates, but as of right now it is very good indeed

    have a great day

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