Sony Xperia X series hands-on

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We go hands on with Sony’s latest range of smartphone offerings, in this quick look at the Sony Xperia X, Xperia XA, and Xperia X Performance!

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37 Comments on Sony Xperia X series hands-on

  1. Nope nothing new here.
    I have a Z3 compact, It still does everything a modern flagship phone can do, Very snappy, And I have Android Marshmallow.
    So I will only upgrade the day my phone either gets sluggish or won't receive the latest firmware.

  2. These all look a step backwards in comparison to the Z series. The Z5 was the first Sony flagship to get things right – FINALLY, an increase in camera, finger print sensor, if you opted for the premium – 4K display! – All these X phones are like budget Z phones – heck, only the top end model has water proofing now which was a unique selling point for Sony phones in the first place! Think I'll be opting for a S7 Edge when I'm upgrading my Z2. You done screwed up Sony! (Even the unique selling point of "remote play" is available on other Android phones – granted with some tinkering – and laptops now.)

  3. X is we know is before Z so should they have not gone with X and then to Z or is this now version 10 of the Z so they called it X?

    And if a wood chuck could chuck wood how much wood could a wood chuck chuck?

  4. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. Don't make the same mistake I did buying an Xperia. I had a Z3 AND Z5 and both screens cracked BY THEMSELVES, now the screens don't work AT ALL. Absolutely no response to touch on the screen. HUGE mistake. Again DON'T BUY SONY XPERIA PHONES.

  5. a humble request to sony
    Please stop making phones!!!!

    i don't understand what is wrong with sony i was a fan, i have used more than 15 sony & SEricsson phone. xperia z was my last. since then i am waiting for something that can compete with samsung but sadly your highend devices has lags your display sucks even a mid range samsung amoled display quality is better. the Chinese fake duplicate phone comes with earphones your flagship doesn't & the list goes on.

  6. I wish Sony released something called the "Xperia True", the solution to all android user problems. Priced at $400, a Snapdragon 810, Stock Marshmallow, 5 inch 400ppi 1080p screen, a semi-unibody design (the screen merges with the aluminum bumper and the removable hardened steel back slides off like a calculator from its case with the press of a button and a small pull). The back will be wrapped in a material of choice, leather, softouch or with a texture molded in. An option for capacitive or on screen buttons is available but there's a fingerprint scanner on the side in the power key. Of course on the top there would be an IR blaster and headphone jack and on the display's face, many little holes on the top/bottom bezel for speakers (not a grill because it gets full of dust more easily and needs cleaning by toothpick). How nice would this be?

  7. Great 5inch edge-to-edge screen on XA!

    Bad curved screes on every edge, it became less elegant and really looks like iPhone 6 without home button. Bad Icons. But they got such cool lockscreen there..

    Anyway, Xperia Z5 is still the best, too bad I'm still using Xperia M2…

  8. Sony shouldn't have ditched the z series and also the compact series always outsold the bigger version so they would stupid not releasing more compact series phones with a 4.6 inch screen. 

  9. Can't say I'm really blown away by these phones. Been using the Xperia phones for nearly 4 years. Good phones but I think Sony need to up the game a bit. Also wanting a bit of a change so unless Sony release something more ground breaking then I'll be buying the S7 edge this year

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