Sony Xperia X Series Hands-on and Interview!

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I had the opportunity to go hands on with the Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X Performance. I also sat down with Don Mesa, Senior Director Marketing of Sony Mobile North America to discuss the future of Sony’s mobile lineup and their foray into the Internet of things!

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23 Comments on Sony Xperia X Series Hands-on and Interview!

  1. Sony is so awesome with innovative ideas, but when it comes down to making good smartphones and how to sell them effectively, they failed miserably :(

  2. Surprised about how he avoided the Xperia z question. I know he isn't allowed to talk about it and he seemed a little shaken up by that question, but he said that the z series is the best that Sony has to offer…. Then what is the x? Not sony's best? Either way it's nice that there may be carriers getting the devices! Please come back to Tmobile!

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