Sony Xperia X Review

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The transition to an entirely new, high-end X line is supposed to be a showcase of Sony’s willingness to get back to the drawing board and re-imagine at least some parts of its mobile offering. But with an asking price of $549.99 for the Xperia X, Sony is setting the bar pretty high. Let’s see if the X passes our test.

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25 Comments on Sony Xperia X Review

  1. Once again, Sony fails to deliver a flagship class device, so far the only thing that separates them from the rest is their superb Camera. I really wished they built on the Z5 premium, that phone had everything a flagship device could have. But they neglected the amount of ram to 3gb instead of 4gb. Now most flagships will carry 6gb and Sony is further behind.

    Please Sony, release us a true flagship killer device that the OPT failed to deliver from the OPO. 4k display, 6gb of RAM, waterproof/dustproof, great sensor / camera, and high end specs to boot with your unique design language. Don't become another HTC.

  2. all the idiots here complaining about the sony being expensive. This is a super mid ranger with mostly flagship content with the exception of the chipset being a snapdragon 650 and perfroms as good/if not better than flagships that came out with the snapdragon 820.

    Also, this review is horrible. I dont know why so many mainstream review sites are bs and have a bias against sony. It's really swaying opinion on noobs who rely on these sites for opinion.

  3. Display is great
    Performance is wow
    Battery is good
    Ram Management is good
    Camera?? rly sry Sony.. Its a big fail again with the Xperia Series..
    Sony always Lagging Behind the Camera..really Poor Performance in Camera in terms of Price

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