Sony Xperia X review: 24 hours hands-on impressions

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Sony Xperia X review after 24 hours. We took the Sony Xperia X to the streets of Tokyo to test Sony’s new camera tech, the all-improved screen, battery life and more.

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43 Comments on Sony Xperia X review: 24 hours hands-on impressions

  1. Well, the prices were just announced. 300€ for the XA, 600€ for the X and 730€ for the X Performance.
    I think we can safely bet now that these phones will flop hard against the competition. Specially as they maintain the crap camera of previous generations and all the problems of the existing Xperia phones (like no OIS, no Qi charging, etc).

  2. I don't think that Sony stop making them water proof for lowering the price. Is because the phones don't take it. They get unglued. I may have put my xperia z3 underwater 5 times within 9 months of use and the screen top left corner got unglued. A few months later the lid of the charging slot too….

  3. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. Don't make the same mistake I did buying an Xperia. I had a Z3 AND Z5 and both screens cracked BY THEMSELVES, now the screens don't work AT ALL. Absolutely no response to touch on the screen. HUGE mistake. Again DON'T BUY SONY XPERIA PHONES.

  4. Is 5 inch the only screen size? If so I'm out. I much prefer a 5.5 – 6 inch screen. My Xperia Z Ultra was my favorite phone ever but I broke 2 of them 🙁 the 6.4 inch screen and footprint was just too big for your regular pants pockets.

  5. Amazing phone.From your camera review impression this could be THE best camera phone. Lowlight is superb. Though hope they deal with that video recording glitch problem seen from your stabilization test, proir to release.

  6. Nice 🙂 I will buy that thing! I love it!

    But why didn't you test the front facing speakers with Clear Audio ? For me the biggest reason to buy this phone. How are the speakers in comparison to the Z3 and Z5? I think better because of the metal body ?

    Regards :)

  7. The first ever review. It's nice that Sony enhance everything. But why trim the phone? Bigger and wider phone are popular this days. They should have stick to 5.5 inch. I don't understand Sony for this. Quad HD are beautiful too. Sony can make these specs but why so stubborn? I hope these uniqueness can elevate Sony xperia sales. Im still OK with my z5 premium pretty nice phone.

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