Sony Xperia X Performance, X, XA Full Review

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Sony X Performance vs X vs XA Hands-On Review
Sony launched Xperia X series, mid-range phone range but high-end configuration, the Xperia X performance own configuration and luxurious design brings pretty good feel for those who feel it first . Along quick 3 video reviews the latest handset from Sony’s us for more details.
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9 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance, X, XA Full Review

  1. you call xa entry level but it would cost as much as mid range. same x mid range & it will cost as a flagship & xp new flagship it definitely will be more expensive than S7 edge or LG phones. am i the only one who thinks since they removed Ericsson sony is sucks at making phones i mean xperia x10 xperia arc those were masterpieces beautiful in looks & performance,fairly priced nowadays sony is expensive shit. why would anyone will spend extra money if they can get same thing at half price.

  2. One thing have to be mentioned, for years sony was on top witht he most exciting tech, since the Z1, not many ppl looked on the tech sheet. Not many cared. Now they come up with something that's perfect, work very nice, but gives nothing realy new. It's gone be the problem this time. Hopefuly in september there will be something more exciting.
    But we have to say generaly the smartphone race is over for now. It's more about the accescories. We will see.
    The X performance looks interesting anyway.
    But i'am staying on my Z5 Premium for now.

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