Sony Xperia X Performance vs Xperia Z5 Premium hands-on comparison

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The new Xperia X Performance manages to best the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium smartphones on paper, in some aspects. Whether that holds true in real life, is yet unknown, at least until we can properly review it.

However, in this quick MWC 2016 show floor video we’re trying to figure out just exactly what the Xperia X Performance is, and, you be the judge on whether Sony made the right choice or not. If you’re an Xperia Z5 owner, do tell us how you feel.


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44 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance vs Xperia Z5 Premium hands-on comparison

  1. Why most of the things you have said are wrong weird for Example Xperia™ Z5 has Hybrid AF too though and has speakers in the same design as Xperia™ Z2 has but Xperia x performance has as we seen in Xperia™ Z3 though :v

  2. The back of the X Performance still looks smudgy. People should realize that shit will always get dirty. Stop being ridiculous asking for anti resistant finger marks on phones.

  3. here's hoping the X series fail miserably. Been a Z2 user since 2014 and although I like it, has some major issues such as poor call quality and poor software which makes the 20.7mp camera not live up to its full potential. The Z5 seemed like Sony had started to finally get it right with an increase in camera mega pixel and finger print sensor. was hoping to get a Z6 but in true Sony fashion, they screw it up and state that the X series are replacing the Z. it's essentially a downgrade. why get rid of the waterproofing?

  4. Its clearly that sony has made the wrong decision when they replaced the almighty Zseries with the Xseries,i mean like am i the only one who seem to like the xperia z design more than the xperia x?

  5. Disagree with you on the "uncomfortable" edges of the Z5/4/3/2. Those edges were perfect to make them much less likely to slip out of your hand and drop. And I felt the distinct edge was never painful, but gave excellent tactile feedback.

  6. My Sony Z5 is currently in for repair after owning for 2 weeks, the dedicated camera button no longer works and the corner piece has fallen off?? I should have known after my Z3C just how crap their build quality is, but I'd had enough of Samsung TW that I had to try something else. The minute I get my Z5 back, its going up for sale and I'm possibly going back to Samsung and the GS7. Oh and the battery life of the Z5 is a joke! I'm lucky if I get 8hrs use with 3hrs SOT. Simply put, you're s.hit Sony and I'm never buying another one of your BS smartphones

  7. As a Sony fan, i'm really disappointed about this decision from Sony. The X line look outdated (only XA caught my eyes), they tried to use Z3 design on the X and X Perfomance but i still think that the old Z3 looks better. The metal design is a good idea but u should bring more new designs on those phones cuz they look cheap. Xperia Z5 Premium is the only phone that makes me feel great im hands even Note 5 and S6 Edge+ can't make me feel like that. I will give this Xperia X 50 points out of 100 this time and i can say it won't get success. Sony please get up. i want the Z line back to market again or u can change ur design concept next time. I owned a Z3 but it's totally dead after dropping from 2m height and i tried to find the new board to replace but it was expensive as fuq ($300). Now i'm having a Galaxy S6 Edge but i still feel that Z3 is best phone i ever used and never ever forget. Sony please don't abandon Z line. Please change "Make.believe" to " Make.better"

  8. z5 premium is putting that shit to shame in terms of looks (thats just my opinion)…if they decided to ditch water proofing, they could change the design but no …not only they stick with old design but also they managed to make it look worse than before

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