Sony Xperia X Performance vs Xperia Z5 – MWC 2016

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We compare the Sony Xperia X Performance with the flagship Z5, two Full HD devices loaded up with waterproofing, stereo front speakers, Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and no-less than 23-megapixels of imaging power around the back. So many similarities, it’s little wonder the X Performance hasn’t been confirmed for the UK, where the flagship still remains, for the time being, the Xperia Z5.

32 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance vs Xperia Z5 – MWC 2016

  1. I've had my Z3 for quite some time now time, and although it's a great mobile phone, it lacks in the sound department, I'm hoping the X performance has better sound quality. Btekt isn't the X performance waterproof as well?

  2. People are whining about x performance design for being similar to z line. For me it looks amazing! The only similar are those two stereo speaker came from z3 designs and the finger print scanner on the right side. But for me the size of z5 are much better. They did trim the phone which is odd. I'm the kind of person who love big andwider phone for viewing enjoyment. But 820 is tempting me to buy x performance but the size is bothering me.

  3. I want that green z5 but with an 820 and 4bg ram, no fingerprint scanner, 3500mah battery. Why can't you make it happen Sony?

    Why don't you want my money? Always 2 steps forward one back.

  4. Sony creative designer team should be fired! almost a same design every years, and its ridiculous they change speaker design from z2 to z3, then z5 has back to earlier z2, and now with xperia x they change again back to z3. wtf!

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