Sony Xperia X Performance review

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Heeeere’s Sony – the Xperia Z is no more, long live the Xperia X.
The Sony Xperia X Performance is the most powerful Sony phone in existence and packs the best camera Sony has ever made – but is it better than the Xperia Z5? Let’s find out.
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49 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance review

  1. A good review of the x performance the xp is for sure a good phone phone but lag of 4 k video and missing of smale apps dosnt justify the high pricetag and after the latest update my z5 p which is still the best sony phone to date with much better batterylife and moore better specifications the z5 p is a much better option but i guess sony will come up with the real deal at ifa in berlin

  2. What's wrong with the 1080p video recording? It's the steadiest on the market which makes for more watchable videos. Also 4K video should be hidden in the camera modes or you could download it.

  3. me I prefer xperia x performance because I'm a fan of Sony smartphone about ten years ago

    so what smartphone you love between these two Sony Xperia x performance or Samsung Galaxy s7

    I prefer the xperia x performance

  4. had a hands on awhile ago….

    but sorry….. z5 premium looks more appealing It doesn't feel like a metal phone… because it feels cheaper than before

  5. Does this support 3G/4G connection on both SIM1 & SIM2 at the same time? GSM networks are being closed down in many countries, so need a phone which 2nd SIM doesn't connect GSM-only.

  6. Sorry Sony but you've lost me patronship when my Z2 mini died from overheating caused by your crappy firmware. -.- Never again will I spend a dime on your phones.

  7. I used to be a long time user of sony smartphones. from z3 to z5 premium. Unfortunately, once I switched to Samsung I didn't feel like going back. I felt like i was getting my money's worth

  8. Excellent review. I do not understand Sony's strategy here – premium pricing, but this is clearly a notch below it's rivals at both the spec and performance levels. Why would anyone get this over an s7 or, if you're indifferent to water resistance, iphone, htc, lg etc?

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