Sony Xperia X Performance Review: A Beautiful Disappointment!

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Here’s my Sony Xperia X Performance review. Sony’s latest flagship phone has a new name, but a familiar design. Watch my video for the full review!

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42 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance Review: A Beautiful Disappointment!

  1. I was planning to get this phone, but after watching this review, I decided not to buy it. Poor battery and overheating are actually disappointing. Thx for your review. Now I probably go for HTC10

  2. I really wanted to get one "beautiful" Xperia XP – now I'm not sure anymore… the battery life might be a dealbreaker for me :/

    But great review, Matt! =)

  3. Well Sony made a worlds fastest phone, nothing is perfect it will always come with some minor failures. I have already ordered this phone, which will arive in 5 days and it's only yesterday it has been released. I can't w8 to check that phone out ^.^ I still think Sony make best phones!

  4. Awesome review Matt! I agree that the camera needs some improvement, funny how Sony are able to put some really awesome cameras on other flagships, but not on their own devices. They need to include a larger capacity battery with great optimization since it is 2016 & most other flagships are nailing that category. :)

  5. Not all companies need to install a large amount of RAM on a computer, or cell, because not all interfaces Android are equal, some are heavier or luchare than others, it is such as Windows Phone does not need much RAM as its operating system it is much lighter and more agile than the other competitions, so you can find a phone 1GB of ram working at the same speed of a phone that has 4Gb of ram, or for example iOS on the iPhone 6s has 2GB RAM and is faster than the galaxy s7 that has 4 GB of RAM.

  6. Yeah, this is really a disappointment. I'm about to upgrade from my Z3 but this is almost a downgrade. Only thing I miss on my Z3 is a bit more internal storage and a fingerprint reader. Probably going Nexus 2016, HTC 10 or maybe Note 7.

  7. Thanks for the vid.
    Good I saw this.I have the Z5 and was thinking about getting the X,mostly because I think Sony is a good brand and that the X should be able to play Hi res audio.
    But bad battery time is a huge no no in my book,so I prolly end up with an Iphone or a HTC.

  8. I don't understand why Sony making these kind disappointed devices with such pretty expensive price !! .. I guess Sony still struggling with their mobile platform .. Anyways Matthew great review as always .. ;)

  9. the z-series peaked with the z3 compact. somehow the z5 has an uglier design, worse battery life, and worse performance. I seriously can't understand what on earth they are doing. everyone involved in their mobile division's management need to be fired 2 years ago

  10. I hope Sony people watch this video and fix the problems that you mention and make a stunning flagship which every reviewer,including you, will rave about. Still, Sony mobile is doomed already??

  11. I really do not understand why Sony keeps omitting the fingerprint sensor here in the states. It is not helping their brand image in the states where it is also not very well known at all. It does not make sense, is it some kind of regulation in America? I do not understand

  12. lol IMX300 and IMX318 are the best camera sensors . Samsung tried to get it for their S7 but SONY refused to sell it and make it exclusive only to Xperia devices….

  13. And the price almost $700. even s7 only $599 with better camera, better( personal preferences but Sony use very thin metal back with plastic and Samsung use metal and glass)and battery a bit better.

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