Sony Xperia X Performance Review

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And here goes our in-depth Sony Xperia X Performance Review! We take a good look at the new Sony flagship smartphone’s most important aspects, like screen, performance and camera quality. Let us know what you think of the Xperia X Performance in the comments!

Sony Xperia X Performance Review:

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40 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance Review

  1. The reason they removed 4K is because it overheated on their other devices and now it even overheats without the 4K option, meaning SONY failed big time and continue to struggle with the overheating issue even tho it's not the SD 810 CPU. Look at other flagships, they are not having this problem with the SD 820 while recording 4K, and and SONY cant even record normally at FULL HD, it's a joke really. I guess u guys get the picture….

  2. The change of screen size from 5.2 to 5 is drop in spec? That is a questionable comment. Bigger screen does not automatically better. A smaller screen means a smaller which is easier to carry and handle.

  3. What the heck is Sony doing these days. They still haven't figured out a way to keep the camera from closing from overheating yet? Every time I fired up my camera outdoors on my Z3 that dang blasted heat warning(it really will shut the camera down) came on. Plus no native manual controls in the camera app? I did so much better by going with LG. Too much missed potential…

  4. Hey people, Just look up for the comparison between Sony Xperia X Performance and S7. You will find X Performance beating ass of S7. Sony Xperia X Performance is the "overall" fastest Android phone in the World Right now.

  5. The reason the Xperia Z line didn't take off in the states was because,
    1) every 6 months there was a new one, which was dumb on their part &
    2) they didn't advertise it like it was their flagship.
    And now they are doing the second thing again.

  6. Sony is going down under. Every new device is just a little spec bump but the price difference is rather huge. Software features also while possible to bring to the older devices, Sony refuses to bring it in hoping it'll boost their sales. The X series is overshadowed greatly by this year's great lineup by other OEMs.

    Btw, wasn't Stephen Schenk from PocketNow??

  7. The decisions what have sony made lately with their smartphones, leaves me bad aftertaste. They're drifting a bit nowhere and losing their advantages like clean and fast android expierence, trademark water-resistant lineup (what basic X model hasnt cmoon) and so on. Not a bad phones indeed but there are so many better phones with those same price tags..

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