Sony Xperia X Performance Overheating Test vs XA vs X vs Z5 Premium vs Z5 vs Z5 Compact vs M5 vs Z3+

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Sony Xperia X Performance overheating test vs Sony Xperia XA, Xperia X, Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia M5, Xperia Z3+, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3+. This heat test shows that the X Performance dual sim has heating issues worse than the Z5 series but the problem isn’t as bad as on X. All non-X phones recording in 4k mode. Sony Xperia X and X Performance recording 60 FPS Full HD while XA recording 30 FPS Full HD. Latest updates applied to all phones (mostly Android 6.0 Marshmallow).

27 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance Overheating Test vs XA vs X vs Z5 Premium vs Z5 vs Z5 Compact vs M5 vs Z3+

  1. It's photography of fullHD 60fps, but if it's Z5, it ends in about 10 minutes.
    The one which is fullHD60fps mode more than the 4K resolution, the fever is big.
    Interpretation software is being used, so I think there is a wrong word.

  2. Hi man, I have a question for you. does the xperia x performance has a better display than the z5? I mean they have the same resolution, but i've heard that the colors on the xperia x and x performance are way better, if it is, there's a big difference?

  3. Enjoyed the video man loved it. just one question Since u all all those phone can u tell me,
    Which one of these is the best and worth the money the Xperia Z5, The Xperia X & Xperia X Pro.
    I wanna buy but not sure which one. Thanx

  4. I suggest you should have measured the temperatures of each device when the camera app shuts off, it may be that Sony has just programmed the phones to shut offs the camera app at a certain temperature which may not be the same for all the phones, I have heard that the Xperia X camera app closes as the temperature hits 45" C the other phones may reach a higher temperature but still continue recording.
    I mean the camera app might shut off but Xperia X but doesn't get terribly hot that it becomes very uncomfortable to hold or the phone stutters , and can be fixed in a software update.

  5. Had high hopes for the X Performance. Not a Sony fanboy by any means but I've loved the Z3 Compact which I use right now and I feel Sony optimises Android to run on their phones the best. The other being HTC and Nexus devices. But looking at the price alone, Id get the S7 in a heartbeat, which costs about the same as the MIDRANGE Xperia X. Disappointing. I never record 4k video anyway but 1080p in 20 minutes? This needs more testing with games and apps, video calls etc.

  6. So what is your opinion, which one is the best all rounder smartphone from SONY… Z3, Z3C, Z5, Z5C, X Performance. w.r.t heating,camera quality, performance,durability.??

  7. damn,so the overheating issues in the snapdragon 810 were addressed very well on the z5 series, I was thinking on buying the x performance, but now seeing this I might go for the z5 or the z5 premium.

    Thanks for your video.

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