Sony Xperia X hands-on

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Hello from Japan! While at the Land of the Rising Sun we spent some quality time with the Sony Xperia X – check it out. For more check out

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  1. the new X line is really something. Sony is pushing boudnaries even though it's a super-mid ranger. New qnovo battery technology will make the battery last longer than any other. THe startup of the camera app is also a lot faster. New predictive technology. Still a nice design. Great software.

    What more can you ask.

  2. I don't know how but after updating to marshmallow, I can capture images as quickly as the x performance. And I can capture photo even while the other photo is still processing.

  3. Nice advertising! You getting paid for this GSMArena? Lets be honest here, the Xperia X doesnt offer anything substantial over the Z-series. Its not even water resistant anymore (performance doesnt count). Keep those improvements to your flaghsip small Sony, or downgrade it even! That'll help you gain marketshare… (i'm so dissapointed)

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