Sony Xperia X hands on review

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The Sony Xperia X is a curious device. I say curious because I don’t really know what kind of phone it is.

I could look at the CPU used, the screen size and resolution and the intended market – but based on what Sony’s telling me, the first two points aren’t really relevant and there’s no information on which sort of buyer the Xperia X is aimed at.

It’s very much a Sony phone though, stuffed to the brim with components from all departments in the company: screen tech from Bravia, audio from the Hi-Res Audio workers and the DSLR team working in tandem with the smartphone guys to make a compelling spec list. I’ve spent quite a few days with the phone now and here is my hands on review.

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  1. now days 800-900 usd in become the norm for a decent phone, fuckin big time consumerism age, fuck all this crap man, save the planet, instead of overloading with junk, Im done with all this bullshit

  2. Great video for a phone that i suppose all of us have been looking forward to apart from the OnePlus 3. The performance and OS seem more refined than previous Sony phones but i'm interested how's the speaker compared to an iPhone 6S or the Xperia M5 or Z5? GPS lock? No sign of purple fringing in low-light photos and noise or grain when zoomed-in? And i know it's not advertised but have you tried dipping it in the sink or used it in the rain?

  3. Music through the headset and speakers is impotent to me. It can very depending on software as well as hardware. Not enough reviews really touch on that.

    Also this seems like a step down from the Z5. You didn't mention the fingerprint scanner(If it has one?) and please start saying how often/reliable updates from phone companies are. It's annoying that no reviewers say what OEM's leave updates for months.

  4. The problem with this phone is the price, which is high end while the internals are not. As to the waterproofing, the X Premium has that, along with the SD820. I wonder how much that one will cost though…

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