Sony Xperia X – Full Review! (4K)

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Sony Xperia X Full Review taking a detail look at the new design, camera test performance, speed, benchmarks, display, battery & more.

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30 Comments on Sony Xperia X – Full Review! (4K)

  1. Why You don't talk about device personalization and built in theme engine? why not in a full review??? please talk about personalization and theme engine every full review of every devices samsungs+huawei+Htc+Sony

  2. The Z1/Z3/Z5 range of which evidently this replaces have all been roughly the same width and height with a 5.2 inch screen.

    The new Xperia X is clearly aimed on the same proportions as the iphone 6/6s. Not so tall and a little narrower which fits far more nicely in the hand.

    On earth can you spend 10 mins reviewing the phone and not pick up on that!!!

    It's probably the most significant design change.

  3. i was a sony xperia user for years, since z, z1, z3, and the last xperia i had was z5, i just recently switched to samsung s7 edge, and i was amazed at how s7 actually outperforms z5 in almost every aspect, especially the camera, s7's camera is beast!! really fast autofocus, amazing shutter speed with F1.7 aperture, and although it only packs 12MP while z5 has 23MP, bigger MPs doesnt always mean better results, i get more clearer shots with the s7 than i do with z5. Also, hardware-wise the new xperia x series isnt that much different from the z5, so i guess the s7 will still be better than the xperia x series as well

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