Sony Xperia X | Camera Overheating Issue!

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Sony is infamous for the cameras overheating during extended camera use for years and unfortunately the Xperia X is no exception.

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35 Comments on Sony Xperia X | Camera Overheating Issue!

  1. I appreciate most of your reviews, but we need more informations for this one: why did you already open the camera app on the xperia X, how long did you start it before the review? Why didn't you open the camera app on the Samsung at the same time?

  2. Pretty sure it's a safety precaution included in the software. As shown in the video, the Samsung had similar temperature as the Sony phone. Maybe that's why the Galaxy series always catches fire.

  3. Sony might have deliberately set the camera to shut down @ high temperature to avoid any accident unlike Samsung who's mobile have blasted in the past. Stretching for higher numbers is not always the best.

  4. I don't care what people say about Sony Xperia X. I'm going to buy more Sony Xperia X and XA.
    but I will not buy any more Samsung Galaxy. I'm a big fan of Sony Xperia since 2001.

  5. Had an old Xperia P (or Sony LT22i Nypon ) it couldn't record a proper video, sometimes pictures couldn't be saved. I don't even want to touch another Sony phone

  6. Sony fans in Taiwan always says "Don't complain about this issue when you purchased this phone." or "Don't buy this phone when you think this problem will affect you."

    I have no idea why they always say something like that, FHD recording is very basic function on today's smartphone… I can easily record a video over one hour with my HTC M8.

  7. But seriously what is going on? I spoke hundreds of times about this issue so I'm not gonna write thousands of words but common OEMs… What is happening, how this is even possible I mean they should at least test the phones before releasing them, I mean how is it possible that developers did know about this issue, r maybe they did but just didn't give a 8uck because the only they care about is sales? I mean every product should be properly tested like cars do and with phones it's much easier to test…

  8. I'm just guessing but this might come down to Sony not using OIS but their (very good) software stabilization. It's quite cpu intensive and might cause the overheating where other devices with similar cpu's do not overheat. Another reason might be the high pixel count that need to be scaled down.

  9. Plz check in Sony support. Most users tested this issue by recording several minutes (until over 8GB memory).Not over heat like that.Don't compare xperia x with Chinese mid range becoz xperia x can beat latest flagship like HTC 10,LG G5,Huawei P9.

  10. My phone also uses S650 and I never had any issue with over heating ever, playing HD games from 100% to 20% for hours still comfortable to hold in my hand and it's half the price

  11. Actually if you think it , the X has the 650 SoC witch is not flagship specwise. They pushed the limits in making a midranger with slow mo and 60 fps fhd capabilities. I woldnt judge unless i test a flagship. For example test this with the X Performance and i bet you that it wold beat the s7 in 4k or 60 fps video recording

  12. Both devices have 40 ºC, the problem is software related please wake up your minds. There's also a lot of people saying that this is not happening to them on their devices (see XperiaBlog) and we don't know what did the creator of the video before the recording, maybe it is already hot.

    Furthermore, no review is saying a bit about overheating issues, why should we believe this random YouTuber? I'm not defending the others reviewers though but maybe we are facing a faulty device or a hater…

  13. Was excited about the 650 and its long battery life and good performance (Xiamoi Redmi Note 3 also a beats on these specs) but heat is the electronics death. I don't think I ever recorded a single video in my life but that's a major issue, who knows what else they've missed? Well, waiting a bit more to see how the OnePlus 3 manges things and the S7, G5 or P9. And Sony always makes phones that are too big for their screen (not related rant :))

  14. Sony needs to improve its camera software. They have improved almost everything except the camera software and speaker volume (S7 louder). These are 2 things they don't want to change, I don't understand why.

  15. Jesus f*cking christ Sony! And they've also confirmed 4K WON'T be on the X Performance either. Go figure : Fucking hell Sony….! Guess I won't be looking at the X Performance after all!

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