Sony Xperia X: a strong hint about the Xperia Z6

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Sony arrived at MWC 2016 to announce even more smartphones for its ever growing Xperia range in the form of the Xperia X and the Xperia XA. The two new handsets sit in the mid-range market and aren’t direct competitors to the Xperia Z5 series, but still manage to actually pack some punch.The Xperia X is the highlight of the two with a 5-inch 1080p display, fingerprint sensor and a new rounded design. But what does it tell us about the Xperia Z6?

24 Comments on Sony Xperia X: a strong hint about the Xperia Z6

  1. Z6 needs : 4gb ram, huge battery like 3500mah, 820+ cpu, 4k/1080 scaling screen, optical image stabilization, the same front design as z5 but maybe smaller bezels, all the beautiful colors like the green and copper, and grab headlines by making the back glass a solar panel. And they need to sell it through carriers or best buy and market the shit out of it.

  2. There isn't going to be a z6, Sony confined that the z5 will be the last of there z series and are nowvheading towards focusing on the hardware as well as internals etc. But gotta hand it the metal back looks really nice specialy on the x performance in silver. 

  3. sony officialy confirmed there will be no more Z series, so there wont be any Z6, the new line is called "X" now. However i doubt "X Performance" is their flagship for 2016.

  4. someone tell me if sony is dropping the xperia z series because a lady from sony has posted that the xperia x series will replace it also if they do it would be devastating news but please tell me that if they are not dropping the z series

  5. I hope that when they Sony do bring out the Z6 they'll keep the front firing speakers hidden like they are on the current Z5. I really don't like how noticeable the speakers look on these Xperia X devices.

  6. I'm in the position where i need a new phone and currently i'm rocking an ios device but i want an android this time. Any suggestions? It's hard to choose one with all these new upcomming phones…

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