Sony Xperia X | 24 hours later…

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This is a video after using the Sony Xperia X for one day…

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29 Comments on Sony Xperia X | 24 hours later…

  1. Great video for a phone that i suppose all of us have been looking forward to apart from the OnePlus 3. The performance and OS seem more refined than previous Sony phones but i'm interested how's the speaker compared to an iPhone 6S or the Xperia M5 or Z5? GPS lock? No sign of purple fringing in low-light photos and noise or grain when zoomed-in? And i know it's not advertised but have you tried dipping it in the sink or used it in the rain?

  2. There's just no way Sony shall make it in this cutthroat business with their belief that the Sony name and perhaps legendary design ques shall trump the better priced competition. I mean look at Asus' offerings. I can't even start with Samsung. Things like resale value, support, quick quick updates etc.

    Sony my dear old friend, 2 things. Spend money on marketing or lose money through price management of the offerings. Leverage on the PlayStation big and for crying out loud you are just not as sweet as you used to be. Just sayin

  3. saw a video of this beating the 820 htc and lg. Sony does great work with software optimization. can't imagine how fast the x performance will be. Should be stellar.

    ALSO qnvo battery tech man can't believe you missed that. it's so crucial. makes the phone last longer in the long run and charges it faster.

  4. If the price is higher than $550 Sony might as well not bring it to the US. Looks like such a nice device. Great first look, looking forward to the full review. Subscribed.

  5. man, great review.. I really love now this phone.. !!
    can i also ask you where did you find that awesome Dragon wallpaper on the desktop behind you ?? I really liked it xD

  6. I have z3+ but now with marshmallow d phone really sucks Sony have down clocked d speed to reduce heat and now d phone is barely is able to carry heavy function like gaming
    * GRIEFing

  7. Z3 was good but had some issues (way too fragile). But it was crazy fast and smooth and still has the betas (that the Z5 does not have).
    Z5 was completely awful especially the camera, the performance and the battery life, which are important thing for me. It was definitely not on a S6 level and not even on a Z3 level, really lame phone.
    This one looks pretty good, it seems that the performance is better (will have to check that on the X performance). The battery life seems better as well but the camera still has blurryness issues and is still extremely slow.
    But that's Sony I guess they'll never be on par with other flagships on a camera level. I don't get why but that sucks

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