Sony Xperia Waterproof Phone Underwater Video

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Sony Xperia waterproof smartphone – underwater footage recorded at North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool. Video recorded using the 13MP video camera.
2nd video recorded in Sydney Harbour:

I’ve used the Sony Xperia Z in chlorine and salt water without any problems, though I always rinse the phone with fresh water afterwards as a precaution. I am impressed by the quality of the video recorded. Screen captures can be taken from the high definition video and saved as still pictures.

In deeper water I recommend attaching a wrist strap, which can be looped through the specially designed hole in the corner of the Xperia’s body. The phone has no issues going down to depths of a couple of meters, and have held the phone underwater for long lengths of time. The phone has never suffered a seal leak, and I have even recorded video jumping from a jetty with it into the ocean.

One of the great things about this phone is that it is extremely easy to keep clean just by…

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  1. I had bought a Sony xperia z3 on 11/11/2014. I preferred Sony cause you said "It's water-resistant" on your advertisement. A few months ago, while we're eating and talking with my professor colleagues, one of my friends said that "my telephone is the best", and then the others said mine is best etc. Finally I said mine (the only Sony was mine) is the best cause it is water-resistant. And I spilled a glass of water on my Sony xperia z3. The result was a disaster: it wasn't water-resistance. As you guess, I was very ashamed in that position. After that I had a lot of problems with my telephone; at the moment it is almost out of order. Be sure that I'll never buy any Sony any more and tell my students and friends "not to buy Sony".

  2. I am also nervous about the headphone jack being open and I did have a problem with it once. I just got the phone wanted to test it under water and when I played any type of media it didnt work because it said that there are headphones in it when there werent. 

  3. Can I ask how did you manage to stop it from stopping recording when you went into water. Every time I try and take it in the bath to test it I start recording and pop it straight under the water it stops recording and starts messing up. Is there a way to disable the screen or how sensitive it is please. 

  4. I have this phone and it makes me nervous, though I got it to do underwater photography. The head phone jack is a hole at the top, and…. I'm wondering… Will it be ok going underwater?

  5. This is the Xperia Z which has a waterproof flap over the headphone jack. I believe the Z1 has internal seals. In the end nothing lasts forever, you have a phone for 18-24 months max – just enjoy it.

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