Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Apple iPad

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The Xperia Tablet Z is the thinnest, lightest, most beautiful ten-inch Android tablet we’ve ever come across – but it’s still a 10-inch Android tablet, and thus still at a disadvantage in terms of a tablet app ecosystem.

How does Sony’s water-resistant beauty stack up against Apple’s juggernaut? Who should consider buying which one? Is there really such a thing as a too-heavy tablet in 2013? These questions and more are answered in the above video: tune in for Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Apple iPad 2012.


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42 Comments on Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Apple iPad

  1. I'm alright with samsung galaxy tab 4, in fact I'm using one right now, I fucking hate sony, that fucking company likes to compete with other companies just because japs are like that

  2. robust = fat
    premium feel = heavy
    minimalist keys = dumbed down controls
    louder ≠ better audio quality
    Asking Siri to compare android with apple products = clear bias in her response
    google store < apple store = delusional
    apple ecosystem = force you to use itunes

    I typed this on an Xperia Z while underwater.

  3. The Sony tablet/phone is a rip off! My friend had one (no scratches no cracks) She had the "waterproof" version and all ports were closed and water got in (don't ask me why ) and it broke!!

  4. I have bought Sony Xperia tablet z but I sold it for buying iPad because it's it's lot better then android. I not Apple guy but I'm hating android it's so buggy guys and need servicing after statss from hand or touch doesn' not buy Xperia guys. Believe me it's not that fun as iPad.

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  6. You dumb fanboys just stick with what you like to use don't go around talking shit about something you don't if you use android that all good same thing goes to apple if you like it your good. No one gives a shit what you like and dislike. Get on with your life's dummies

  7. Android all the way, IOS is just the same over and over. People are only getting IOS because of the logo. Following Trend! ? I have the Z tablet and its a lot better than he's making out. I sold my iPad the first day I got it because I thought it was terrible! So android all the way.?

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