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Notice the family resemblance? For Sony’s latest Android tablet take, its Xperia Tablet Z, the company’s extending the austere, omnibalance design (focus on all around symmetry and reflective surfaces) and waterproof certification of the Xperia Z to a 10.1-inch footprint and higher 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. Read our full hands-on with the Xperia Tablet Z here:

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28 Comments on Sony Xperia Tablet Z hands-on | Engadget

  1. Oh well i will see for my self i have saved and purchased this in 32gb black verstion. arrives tomo? i still have the 4th gen ipad and whats frustrating is all the restrictions apple put on this devise, when i travel the www, i mean whats the point of limiting what i can and cant do with it? Kids understandable. Macbook no problem. Ok so i'll have ago with the Sony Ex Tab  Z and comment on my

  2. I'm finally getting a Tablet and I just don't do Apple products for a number of reasons. I vastly prefer Android and even Windows 8 to Apple's OS. I was looking around at reviews and this one caught my eye. The biggest issue with most reviews was the price (understandably), but now I can get one for about $419.99. Is it worth it at the discounted price?

  3. I found battery to be good. It lasts about 6-10 hours before needing to be recharged … however after only 2 weeks it died for no reason (never dropped or hit) and now they are saying they found a light crack in the screen which I couldn't see when I dropped it off to find out what was wrong…. cracked screen not covered and any crack will render it completely useless (most devices seem to be able to work with chips or small cracks in screen, NOT THIS and again cracks are NOT covered).

  4. I recommend this tablet. When you hold the device, it's like magic. You'll love the slick design so much that you have that urge to break it in two. It feels so nice… oh ma gawd…

  5. Nice! But how long does the battery last. And what does PS certified mean? Does this give me any advantages as an PS User (even PS+). And I heard it takes an eternity to fully load the battery (6 hours)

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