SONY Xperia Projector & Xperia Ear Hands-On

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The Sony Xperia X smartphone line-up isn’t the only thing Sony showed off at MWC 2016. In addition to the Xperia Z-replacing phones, there was also a really cool Xperia Projector concept, in addition to a “more than just a Bluetooth headset” Xperia Ear gadget.

Check them out in our hands-on video from the show floor, hosted by our friend, Erica Griffin: and


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48 Comments on SONY Xperia Projector & Xperia Ear Hands-On

  1. the Xperia Projector is incredible ! I know where this is going. The projector is going to be used in the Xperia phones in the future that can project fullhd or 4k on any surface without wifi or casting.

  2. The whole 'Her' earpiece concept is much more viable than a smartwatch which is a solution looking for a problem. Then again, if it has limited functionality or poor voice recognition it'll fall flat on its face. I hope it won't because I think the concept has huge potential and its about time Sony came up with some cutting edge stuff. They've been followers for so long now…

  3. Loved your review .. probably the best and felt honest … The projector seems like a really cool idea and there could so much that it can do … this is something i would definitely buy

  4. I think the video camera could come in handy for companies. Sony, came out with a video camera that you could show what you recorded on a wall if my memory is right and it didn't sell very good. As far as Sony's bluetooth ear pierce to control their phone is old technology, BlackBerry(at least 10 years ago or more $90.00), had a similar Bluetooth, single ear device years ago that was supposed to be able to do anything with their phones via speaking. More geared towards people who used their phones for business. Nice but expensive. There was a keyboard, external speakers. You are those extras for tablets and laptops.

  5. I think that both products are great and useful. The projector honestly took my breath away, but sadly, I'm just not sure there's a substancial enough market of people who would need to buy it. Though the ear buds may catch on more easily.

  6. The sony projector is really a cool technology similar to that shown in movie Iron Man ! This is only the prototype at the moment and looking forward to its complete development in IFA 2016 !

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