Sony Xperia M5 VS Xperia Z3 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Speed and Camera Performance comparison between Xperia M5 and Z3!
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43 Comments on Sony Xperia M5 VS Xperia Z3 – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. Considering that Sony did a horrible optimization work with the hello x10 (compared to other chinese terminals with the same processor), the performance of the M5 is quite good, hope to see an improvement in future updates.

  2. Im z3 user and fan of Sony and this days i was think to sell z3 n buy M5,but hell no! After this video i can upgrade only to z5p.Flagship is flagship and z3 is still one of fastest phones on market.

  3. can yu give me the best suggestionm
    i am planning to buy a mobile which having excellent camera both front nd back…with good performance nd battery lyf.
    i am in confusion between xprria z3+.. m5 nd samsung galaxy a8.

    suggest me the best one.

  4. Fast forward to this year 2016 after installing the latest updates from each phone which would you go for in terms of everyday use on general performance, speed , battery life & camera? Need your opinion as I want to buy one of them . thanks.

  5. My advise to the people don't buy XPERIA M5, i have bought this phone 4 months ago and i was impressed with this phone but now not turn on and i have tried every way they asked me to turn it on but noway, it's very disappointing and it's happens with many people around the world and if you not believe me you can write on google search (xperia m5 won't turn on) and you will find this. i said this because i don't want to anyone else to have this bad product and for me i will not buy sony product again.

  6. What's the current Android version of your Z3? As regards the Z3 camera it still show some noise when you zoom in on a subject but when you tap to focus does the photos look clearer? And would you say the photos still has that "cool" hue same as my old Z2/Z1? Battery life any better?

  7. Bro, thank you so much for this video. i always watch your video 'cause you're video is great!
    Can you please try comparison between sony xperia c4 and xperia m5 i want to see how far is there difference before i buy one thanks

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