Sony Xperia M5 VS iPhone 6 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Sony Xperia M5 VS iPhone 6 Speed and Camera performance -Which is Fastest?

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  1. Close the started apps and do it again … u left everything opened on both. And the apps are getting killed if the ram is full so maybe the m5 was slower because it has more ram free and the task killer couldn´t kill those task that u left open , and the iphone has 1 GB of ram it´s easy to full fill. I bet the Iphone has closed the apps automaticaly and the m5 hold them as a background process. The apps on the Iphone reloaded so they were closed.

  2. to point out there is an option in developer mode on the Xperia M5 in which the user can lover the animation scale in order to fasten the loading screens and an option for fast boot which is takes around 7 seconds to my knowledge, just to say 😛 Great video though!

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