Sony Xperia M5 – Unboxing & First Look!

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New Sony Xperia M5 Unboxing and first look!

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35 Comments on Sony Xperia M5 – Unboxing & First Look!

  1. i don't like the earphones back in the days sony was the first to give rubber earphones & now all these high end devices gets stupid old big bulky earphones these is not cool. sony keeps prices high than samsung & can't give same accessories.

  2. please dont get Sony phones.. u will regret it.. the camera quality is disappointing! the advertisement looks good but in reality you can't even focus well and under normal conditions other phone camera work better than Sony phone camera!

  3. How about the software bugs? Have you experienced any? Shutdowns, camera errors? I work for a mobile operator and guys from aftersales tell me to avoid Sony like a plague, which is a shame, because the design is outstanding.

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