Sony Xperia M4 Aqua VS Xperia Z3 – Speed & Camera Test !

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Apps, browsing, multitasking and Camera (7:25) performance on Xperia M4 Aqua and Z3 !

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39 Comments on Sony Xperia M4 Aqua VS Xperia Z3 – Speed & Camera Test !

  1. which has stronger sound * My friend has m4 aqua and many much more powerful sound than my Z3
    possible that the damaged speakers to Z3 after water more month duration of these sound like you are doing speakers 50 percent
    whether it will recognize the service *

  2. I have a new Sony Xperia M4 Aqua and it is a piece of crap. Authentication problems with wifi and weak signal detection with wifi and T-mobile bands. bad signals .. never have service in town.. fuck this phone. i threw my sim back into my 100$ windows phone and i have 4G with full bars….. so stupid. i want my 300$ back.

  3. You should've mentioned that Z3 can record at 2160p30fps/1080p60fps/720p120fps while M4 at 1080p30fps instead of saying "not huge difference really between them" 30fps is nothing compared to 60fps, but still the M4 is a great mid-range phone.

  4. Honestly I think the Z3 was a yottasecond faster.
    Until this review I was considering buying the M4 Aqua, but now I'm not sure witch one to buy, I'm a complete mess.
    Tomorrow when I wake up on a clear mind I'll have to check some more reviews so I can make a safe buy :=)
    I do accept some advise, the price isn't what really matters, the speed, yes the speeed is what makes all the difference, again that yottasecond difference is killing me.

  5. extremly important to test the standard apps to see who is faster, when i open 100 times webbrowser i can lose 1 million nanoseconds when i dont watch this and buy the slower phone ): ! thx very much

  6. For anyone saying the camera sucks or isnt good, as someone whos big on taking photos the camera is great on the M4, takes very clear awesome photos and the front camera is damn good. I can easily show examples if anyone is curious.

  7. Sorry I'm not good at English and can you write me which camera is better for you ?
    I understood that:
    Z3 have better colors and photo's are similar and M4 have better video recording but I don't know if I understood good.

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