Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review

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It looks like a flagship Sony device and has almost the same features, but it is more of a mid range handset with reduced screen quality and cheaper materials to keep the cost down.

However, cheaper it may be, but solid it is and able to be immersed in water this is a practical phone.

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34 Comments on Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review

  1. I was browsing google when I came across the M4 Aqua's heating issue. I need opinions from the owners if the M4 Aqua does really heat up when only using it for browsing the net (Like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc) because that's what other people are claiming. Thanks guys hehe. I really need some feedbacks

  2. my old Sony, the one I have have now I think is the L, however, I find that Even with my SD card, I'm still not getting what I want! my L is about 2 years old and I got it for £10 a month with virgin, however I keep exceeding the cost to £19 a month even if I haven't used the phone! I can get this phone for £13 a month and cancel this contract earlier! I really like the waterproof feature on this phone because its coming up to winter and I'm having more baths! Also, I'm on android 4.2 so I can't use the Snapchat update! my phone is about 4"7 so is this an upgrade? (8 megapixel camera, 4"7 inch display, ooooooold!)

  3. I'm well over due an upgrade and this phone is possibly on my list,I've had a HTC one 7 for the last few years and i know this is a mid range phone i was wondering how it fairs against the m one 7,am i to expect a better or worse experience??or what about the Huawei asend g7?

  4. I bought the first Sony Xperia Z and now it seems to have seen it last day (typically after I finished paying for it…) Looking for a new one but I realise that I don't use my phone so much for apps and games. Mostly taking photos, chatting and browsing Facebook and Youtube… Oh and I call on it and send texts on occasions… Z3 is a bit to expensive and no store seem to sell a Z or Z1 no more. Could the M4 Aqua be a good replacement for my soon to be dead device?

  5. Good review, my last phone was a note 2 and camera and quickness of its functions was fantastic, unfortunately the new m4 does nothing for me the pictures are not great and the zoom is slow and painfull but I'm sure this m4 as other good features. 

  6. Guys i noticed that this phone dont have headspeekers input protected…does that mean that i can put my headphones in it and still have this phone get wet?..i like to run outside and sometimes it rains…i want to know will this phone get wather inside with headphones on? pls answer my question and sry for my bad english

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