Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review

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The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua is a stylish and affordable phone sitting right in the mid-range segment, but borrowing design clues from Sony’s top-tier products…

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37 Comments on Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review

  1. Hi! I have just got one of this as a gift and was glad that I would be able to take great pics and store loads of songs…well, it doesn't seem so but excellent tutorial though, thanks!

  2. i have this phone for about 6 months now and i'm sending it away for repairs tommorow about a month ago i started having problems with it it began with the ear speaker not working anymore then the microfone stopped working and now the loud speaker has stopped aswell also it started randomly restarting itself i have never dropped the phone or put it in water so the fact that i am having these problems is not due to that i also have a case around it and there are no scratches on the screen (just some small ones on back wich might be because of dust thats between the back and the case) i had a lot of sony phones in the past and i never had any issues with them so i am pretty dissapointed about this one

  3. I bought this phone the other day but The SD card I used (64 gb nameless card, from a cheap store) is having issues specifically with Spotify ("No storage area found")

    Can anyone recommend the best SD card brand for this phone?

  4. i had to choose between s6 and m4 aqua for upgrade.. i chose s6 edge cos it's very popular but after few days, i returned it cos it has crappy retarded typing keyboard and very slippery phone.. it freezes when you do multitasking. So, i had to get this phone cos it's very simple and i didn't have to pay a dollar for the phone cos it's a cheap phone.. good camera (has stabilizer), runs same speed as s6(from what i experienced).. the only good about s6 is the fingerprint..

  5. m4 aqua 16gb storage 2gb ram vs moto g 3rd gen 1gb ram 8gb storage moto is $50 cheaper. Which one is best? I'm in Canada and want best camera, nice display, good battery and whichever is faster.

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