Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Hands On

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Sony brings their iconic design and water proofing capabilities to their latest midrange flagship and we got to take a look at it here at MWC 2015. Check out our hands on!

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36 Comments on Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Hands On

  1. Should I g get it for 30 bucks with 20 euro monthly for 2 years (480 + 30 = 510 for this phone with having phone service like 4G 1GB and like unlimited texst calling , …

  2. $299 for the Xperia M4 aqua with those specs
    5" 720p display
    Snapdragon 615
    13MP Camera
    ISO 3200+
    Faux Front Speaker Design

    I got the Z3 compact for $340
    4.6" 720p display
    Snapdragon 801
    20MP Camera
    ISO 12800+
    Real front firing speakers

  3. internal storage getting with this phone is only 1.5 gb out of 8 gb….. i dont kn whats wrong with sony. if they know lollypop taking so much of space then they must have to provide 16 gb of storge.

  4. If it was 4.6' screen size just like the Z3C,i would definitely buy it.
    they should stop throw out +5 inch in every damn model or at least give an option to a smaller size screen just as the Z3 model

  5. What about telling us this is a high end flagship mid range low price tag smart phone, just like my high end Gucci Pants covered my mid range with low price ?

  6. A beautiful phone with ugly UI… I'm gonna get one if Cyanogenmod 12 is officialy out for this device

    Oh, by the way I think 320USD is still overpriced… it should be under $290

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