Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Gaming Performance

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24 Comments on Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Gaming Performance

  1. Hey.I've just had this phone and I have a 16gb memory card.but the memory on the Sony M4 aqua is very low and I can't get big games and transfer them to the sd card cos the phone memory is roo small.because you have a game which is pretty big I was wondering is there a way where you can just install the app straight to the sd card and if so how or any Ideas on how to solve this problem. I would be very greatest if you know.thank you for your time.:)

  2. Hi.I'm considering buying this phone.After owning an Sony Xperia L I said I would never buy a Sony again,but this looks good,the Chipset is above most midrange devices.also the GPU.However:
    1)I read somewhere that the chipset heats more than normal(an snapdragon 615 problem,"forgot" by qualcomm) .Naturally,a thermal protection would pop up and reduce the frequency.Can you tell me something about this?Have you noticed any lag after playing for more than half of hour ? Or simply lag in menu/settings/etc after playing/watching videos/etc for a longer period?
    2)About the camera,I watched your review and the camera seems pretty bad.Can you record / take some photos in different conditions( especially at night / in low light ) and upload them somewhere and give me the link to download?
    3)Any other aspects like multitouch/speaker/battery life/etc are good ?

  3. dis phone heats upto 46 dats quite a lot do u agree or it is just the way every phone heat up nowadays ….plz reply soon im looking forward to buy it and really u ran a quite lot heavy games so would it be recomendded its quite costly too or the other phones like one plus one

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