Sony Xperia M4 Aqua – Extended Hands On

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A mid-range phone with an excellent design, we give our extended hands on impression of the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua.

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  1. Great review, easy to listen to and to the point. Well done to the gentleman who narrated this review, it ticked all the boxes rather than some reviewers who just waffle on and on who talk like they commenting on a football match and the backround music during narration was just right.
    Just wondering, the scrape or wear and tear on top of the phone, was it dropped? or just peel off while been tested? I ask because my girlfriend is a casual phone user, loves her pinky, peachy colours and seen the colour peel away while just under review has me a little concerned. i would'v liked to see some sample video and photos taken with the camera, both front and reverse modes, but overall, well done.

  2. Why do you compare 300e phone with 600e phone is unbelievable to me.
    This is not review i still don't know nothing about this phone, except that it's sub pair with "flagship" phones.

  3. At 3:30:
    The Imitation Game trailer
    I watched this movie and its very good
    This phone is very good for that price (it cost about 270 euros in my country)
    I am thinking about to get one in black colour (16 gb version)

  4. phone is nice and value of money but lacking in internet browsing speed and OTG usb support which is not there in this range and the wost thing is phone is heating up too much it reaches the 48 to 50 'C which is too hot to handle. If you ready to compromise  bit.. it is good phone

  5. I like this phone and it's design and all the media applications. But their is some major problem about this device. THE OVERHEATING ISSUE AND INTERNAL SPEAKER'S OUTPUT IS SOMETIMES VERY GOOD AND SOMETIMES VERY LOW. Tell me will this fix by any update like Xperia z3+ or htc devices???? plz plz plz review this again… I hope you will do this for me

  6. Even the moto e with not so good specs, e.g. half the ram, quad core snapdragon 400
    Does not srutter.
    I would not recommended it. Plus the moto e is £100.
    Thanks for the review anyway.

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