Sony Xperia E4 Review

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The E4 is an entry level or budge device that offers a large 5″ screen without the big price tag.

Designed to suit a particular users needs, this Android smartphone performs well and offers some nice hardware and software features.

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31 Comments on Sony Xperia E4 Review

  1. I have this phone for the past year and no issues whatsoever. I got mine for just 80 euros here in Ireland from Tesco. Probably the best phone I have ever had for this price and definitely worth more. When I eventually upgrade it will likely be another Sony, probably a Z4.

  2. Sir which is better Huawei Y6 or Sony xperia E4 DUAL sir both have same price please please guide me which phone should i buy …. i heard y6 has heating problems and low processor …… please please reply

  3. I don't know if to buy this or Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, This has a battery 2300 and is most fast than prime (1.3), althought prime has battery 2600 and is slower (1.2GHz).
    In camera Prime is better (8 vs 5 MP).
    What of both do you recommend me ?????? 😀 (y)

  4. Hi! a question, such is this phone ? have always liked and wanted xperia purchase this terminal .. I RECOMMEND ? I choose it because I have a budget , Greetings from Venezuela

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